Why visit Bulgaria?

Published: 06th August 2010
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Bulgaria (the Danish call it Bulgarien) is a small country located next to Greece, Turkey, Romania and Macedonia and also the Black Sea. Although it might not be popular Bulgaria is a preferred destination for tourists every year. Modern cities, big mountains, amazing nature, beautiful beaches - Bulgaria has it all. Keep on reading to find out why you should spend your holiday in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria is an amazing place with warm people and beautiful nature. If you are the type of person who doesn't like noisy places with a lot of people around you and you just want to have a good time by the beach and relax you can go to one of the small villages near the Black Sea Coast. You can stay in an old fashioned house or be a guest to some native Bulgarians. You should keep in mind that Bulgarians like tourists and they will gladly talk to you and welcome you in their houses and take care of you properly.
On the other hand if you are the type of person who likes to party and be around a lot of people you should go to one of the busiest cities on the Black Sea Coast like Sunny Beach or Golden Sands. All of the young people go there and you will be able to meet a lot of interesting people and make new friends. There are a lot of cafes, discos and bars so the party will never stop.
One of the main reasons foreigners visit Bulgaria every year is that it is an extremely cheap place to live in. Everything from the alcohol and tobacco to food and hotels is incredibly cheap compared to other countries. But you should be careful if you are somewhere near the sea side because these are the places where most of the tourists go so the prices of everything are very high. If you go to a less tourist popular place or if you visit a less populated city you will see why Bulgaria is so cheap. But even if you spend your holiday in one of the beach resorts you will still find Bulgaria cheaper from the UK for example.
In Bulgaria you will also be able to see a lot of old churches, cities that has preserved their history and kept the old house from the past. If you get familiar with the culture in this country you will be amazed how incredible it is.
Bulgaria is a place not only for partying and relaxing by the beach but it is also full of history. You can go sightseeing or go skiing in the winter or go to one of the beautiful beaches in the summer. You can do whatever you want so why not travel to Bulgaria this year?
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