Facts You Probably Didnít Know about Indoor climate

Published: 02nd March 2011
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While some people may not be conscious of it, proper control and maintenance of indoor climate is essential for you to be comfortable indoors. If you leave indoor climate unattended, you would either feel too cold or too hot in your own home. Without proper indoor climate control, you wonít even be able to sleep well because youíd be too uncomfortable to do so.

Factors that Affect Indoor Temperature

Before you do anything to improve your indoor climate (Do you know that the Dutch term is Verbeter uw binnenklimaat), itís important to note that indoor climate is more than just about the temperature. Indoor climate is basically determined by the temperature, air quality and humidity. That is why indoor climate is also, in turn, controlled by heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These are the things you would each control to ensure that your home is not only comfortable but healthy as well.

To start with, if you are still using an older heating system that utilizes a furnace to heat your home, itís time to consider installing more modern heating system. While the older one may have been efficient before this is no longer enough. With a modern heating system you can be assured of not only efficient but accurate heating. You can install zonal systems which allow you to control which parts of the house gets heated at one. With such mechanism, you save on energy and even help follow green practices too. By doing so, you help save the planet and prevent the worsening of various phenomenon such global warming which, of course, also affects indoor climate as well.

Modern air conditioning can be as efficient as well. And the filtering system is virtually more efficient too. The use of more environmentally elements make them more preferred as well.

Humidity should be controlled as well. That is why humidifiers are quite useful at home as well. To be most comfortable at home, humidity must be maintained at 60% during the summer but only 30% to 50% in the winter.

Professional and Personal Maintenance

The HVAC system should be installed by professionals if you want the most efficient system. It should also be maintained regularly to ensure that the system is running well. This is important as leakage or blockage could happen in the ducts and other parts of the system causing it to malfunction and to be inefficient.

There are many ways you can help maintain comfortable indoors though. For instance, you may already just change the filters of your HVAC system without waiting for technicians to come and do so. Filters become dirty over time because it screens out dirt in your indoors so your system can circulate clean air. But when it becomes so dirty, it would not be able to do its function. And so you should take this simple step to maintain better air indoors.

You can also block the sun so you wonít have to put the air conditioning on double time. For instance, you can put some trees around the house. You can also install awnings over doors and windows. Some would get special window treatments just to block the sun rays. By efficiently doing so, less heat actually penetrates. And so you need less air conditioning as well. You are able to maintain comfortable indoor climate with minimal costs as a result.You can read more interesting information about indoor climate from this article.

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